Who we are

Vision Mission Goals, Who we are, Afrotalia International Ltd.
General Manager: Mr. Ahmed Alhaj

Our Goals:                                 

Our vision, mission and goals are your safety and satisfaction. Therefore, our products are due to international standards. In particular European standards. Quality and safety. As your safety is very important to us. Nevertheless the quality. We provide you both. The success is not only numbers. Our goals are to transform it into touchable realty. Since we are working together. You are and will remain in the centre of our attention and consideration. Therefore we can reach the goals together. Quality of living is our common interest. Realising Afrotalia vision mission and goals.

Our Vision:

Our vision, mission and goals are always committed to satisfy your needs. Afrotalia is a reliable partner. For many international companies. As a result, we meet your selections carefully and with pleasure. That is to tell in our vision why we offer you unique products. In conclusion, to save your time and money. On the other hand, we import also top brands of used bicycles . This why we have 360 degree vision mission and goals.

Our Mission: 

Our vision, mission and goal are to provide you modern electrical appliances. As well as the finest types of clothing brands. From the European and regional markets as well. We connect African local and international markets. That is to help our dear customers to find latest solutions. For example tools and electrical equipment. Similarly best international fashions and clothing. All with high quality specifications. Because our mission is to satisfy all tastes. We are your choice. Offer you very high quality products. The most appropriate and the best prices.

Reasons For Our Presence: 

We work hard to meet your requirements. Because of the progress of technology. We also will provide you the appropriate technical support as possible. That is at least to meet our Vision Mission Goals.

Ahmed Elhaj